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 How does your money work 

Long term security and long term opportunity

Fact: Did you know that the Baby Boomer factor is a particular phenomenon to Canada the US and Australia. It is projected that the demand for senior housing will begin in 2014 and the peak by 2032.

Baby Boomers are on the verge of retirement in large numbers.
This will create a demand in retirement homes with different levels of care,
and maintain a safe and secure lifestyle in their golden age.

Those investors with an interest in participating in this growth
market, but do not want to be hands on in the purchase of
real estate and its related health care business, now have an
opportunity to invest with " Neuchatelle Management".
And be able to fully benefit of the financial rewards associated with
well managed properties/business.

Qualified partners/investors will create wealth with their investments,
In four quantified "Neuchatelle's Value Vehicles" ( NVV's )
1. The profit is at the Buy
2. Monthly stream of income.
3. Yearly increase in equity, via mortgage reduction.
4. Capital gain on project

These NVV'S will provide you the investor, with a steady stream
of income, short / long term value gain and financial security in
real estate growth.




















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